Gathering Courage is a Great Testimony

12 Dec

T.A. McMullin is an ordinary person that has lived an extraordinary life because from an early age she learned to “trust God with all her heart,” and “lean not on her own understanding.” This autobiography of her life takes you from birth to present day. Her life started out as being put up for adoption by her birth mother and adopted into a family that ended up treating her more as an outsider than a family member, except for her Grandmother. When the rest of her family treated her with indifference at best and cruelly at worse, her grandmother taught her about love, acceptance and more importantly a strong relationship with God with Jesus as her Savior.

When you read this book you see that because she was faithful to God, God was always faithful to her. During the hardest times in her life, you can see where God sent her a friend that said or did exactly what she needed at that time. Believe me; she had some very rough times in life. In her youth, she was actually sent away to a foster family because at the time little was known about dyslexia and she was labeled as “slow” and an embarrassment to her family because she could not keep up in school. Can you even imagine?

By trusting in God she was able to put herself through college, make life long great friends and excels in life where others may have used their circumstances to muddle through life. I really enjoyed reading this life story; to see how God is faithful when we truly trust him is so encouraging. I must tell you that I had to reread chapter 23 (no spoilers) because I couldn’t see all the words through the tears.

This book will uplift and encourage you in your own personal relationship with God. It is beautiful designed and put together. I am incorporating one of her worship habits; I am making it a point to be thankful for three things per day and letting God know just how thankful I am.

This book was given to me by the author, T.A. McMullin for my honest opinion and review.


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