Your Guide to the Apocalypse-Historical and Prophetic Proof

15 Aug

I have heard Matt Hagee preach and sing but I had never read anything that he may have written, so as a fan I was really looking forward to reading Your Guide to the Apocalypse. This book does not go into topics such as, who is the antichrist or what to expect during tribulation, what it does go into is how we know that we are absolutely in the end times and Christ’s return is imminent.

Pastor Matt shows us this with three historical and prophetic eras in the bible. The first is the statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. Pastor, walks you through so you can see how we are in fact both prophetical and historically in the last kingdom. If this was the only prophecy ever written about the timing of the end, it would be all you needed to know we are here but there is more.Hagee

Then he walks you through parts of Matthew 24 and the signs that Christ had given to us and how each and every one of them has been fulfilled to the exact description that Christ gave. You can see how Israel’s rebirth has triggered the apocalyptic count down and how everything described by Christ is happening in our society today.

One new thing that I did learn and found fascinating was the Arch of Titus, which depicts the robbing and pillaging done during the 66 to 70 AD campaign against Israel and the stealing of the artifacts from the temple. The third topic that Pastor Matt discusses is the seven churches described by John in Revelation.

I thought it was very interesting how at the time of John’s writing these churches were being spoken to directly and then how each of the churches describes the different eras that the church would enter. There is no mistaking that we are currently in the time of Laodicea. You look around, here in America many of our churches don’t even adhere to sound doctrine, let alone get people fired up about Christ.

I think this is a great read, no matter where you are on your walk with Christ, you will learn something. It is also a great tool so you can show others real, solid proof that we are exactly at the threshold of Christ’s return for His Church.

I received this book from my honest review WaterBrook, the publisher.

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