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The Chamberlain Key

I have to say I was not really sure what to think when I first began the book. I found it very similar to other “bible code” books. I think it is a very interesting concept but I wonder since it has not been used as a prediction method, only as a confirming method if some don’t reach a bit too far to make the connections. That being said, I gave it three stars because I enjoyed learning about the process and I like Timothy Smith’s personal story of faith.

I was given this book by Waterbrook Press for my honest opinion.


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Without Warning by Joel Rosenberg

Without Warning by Joel Rosenberg

Wow! What an ending to a series! If you have never read a book from Joel, I would highly recommend this series. When you read the story line its like Joel has actually sat in on intelligence meetings at the highest level. He completely understands what radical Islamic extremism is and what groups like ISIS ultimate goals are.

This is the third book in the J.B. Collins series and you must read the first two books (The Third Target and The First Hostage) in order to understand what is happening and keep all of the characters straight. I must say that I love the story line and all of the supporting characters. This book does have violence and death but it done in a very realistic way.

You will not believe the ending, however I began to wonder about the fifth to last chapter about how Joel was going to wrap it up and then when you realize exactly how its going to end you can not read fast enough to see if its true (I said as much as I can without spoiling it!). I highly recommend this entire series its a fictional read that seems like it came straight out of the local news.

This book was given to me in Ebook format by Netgalley for my honest review.



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A Bit of A Stretch For Me

There is no doubt in my mind that Russell M. Stendal loves the Lord with all of his being, in fact reading the introduction & conclusion were my favorite parts of the book as he told parts of his life story. He has face dangers that were literally life threatening and even today faces persecution.

However, Queen Esther and the Ring of Power fell flat for me. I found the idea and concept of the book very fascinating but it was a real stretch for me in many places. The book takes the book of Esther one chapter and verse at a time and then compares them to end time prophecies throughout the Bible.

Author Russell M Stendal

Author Russell M Stendal

Though there is a lot of very interesting comparisons that you may not have considered, I found myself also thinking, huh I have never heard my Pastor make that analogy so I felt that many of the points were a stretch and felt forced to fit. I did like the tone and the writing style I’m just not sure that there was a strong prophetic connection for me.

This books was given to me Aneko Press for me to review and give my honest opinion about.


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The Arrival by J W Brazier Gives You Something to Think About

The Arrival is a Christian fiction book that combines both politics and biblical prophecy and I really enjoyed the story that J W Brazier created. This story begins with a discovery in 1948 at the exact time that Israel becomes a nation. This discovery unleashes an evil that will play a major role in the end times.

J W takes you from 1948 through the 1980’s and into the near future with an American government that is hostile toward Christians and trampling over our citizen’s constitutionally protected rights. The scenario he creates is very plausible as many of the pieces are currently already in play such as the Jade Helm martial law exercises currently getting ready to begin.Badge 1

This is the first book in a series that really has the potential to be great; I love the fact that the Black Robe Regiment is incorporated as part of the force for good. The characters that are being developed are ones you can really enjoy getting to know, however there are quite a few so take your time while getting to know each of them. My only criticism of the book is there are a few swear words that really could be omitted.  If you are a politically savvy Christian, up on current events you will love this book, for all others, you will be by the end of the book.

This book was given to me in EBook format by NetGalley for my honest review.




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Fascinating In-Depth Study of The Three Heavens by John Hagee

If you like Pastor John Hagee, you are really going to love his new book “The Three Heavens.” He takes you on an in-depth, scripture-supported study of the Three Heavens that the Bible speaks of; the first is the one we can see such as the earth, stars and planets. The second is the spiritual world that you cannot see but you better be well aware of and the third is where God resides.

If you watch Pastor Hagee regularly you will be aware of many of the topics that he delves into, however you will still learn a lot, especially about the second heaven and the scope of control that Satan has and you will have a firm understanding about how this realm operates and how you can be delivered from it.

There is also a section that explains the current events in the Middle East that shows you how the Jihad movement began and you will understand how demonically controlled it is. There are sections where Pastor Hagee is explaining the Second Heaven and giving you true examples of demonic power that will literally make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Once you are thoroughly terrified by your new understanding of the Second Heaven, Pastor Hagee takes you to where all of us that claim Jesus Christ as our personal savior will be called home to someday, the Third Heaven. Pastor Hagee takes you through the absolute beauty that waits for believers. He also gives you a very really description of Hell, that waits for unbelievers. I love that he ends the book with an alter call for anyone that may not already have their place secured in the Third Heaven.

This book was given to me in EBook format by Worthy Publishing for my honest review.


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The Third Target by Joel C. Rosenberg: It’s Going to Be another Great Series

Have you ever pondered what would happen if a terrorist group the likes of ISIS got their hands on weapons of mass destruction? This is the premise behind Joel C. Rosenberg’s new series of novels. The Third Target is the first book in the series and if the remaining novels are written just as well this is going to be a fantastic series.

The Third Target looks at a very plausible scenario of how a group like ISIS could actually get their hands on WMD and what their immediate plans may be to further their agenda. Just like several of his other series this series has both a Christian and a political theme to it without either one being overly done. The brutality of a group like ISIS is well portrayed without being unnecessarily graphic

The first book of this series did not disappoint. You will get a glimpse of the consequences of our foreign policy, you will get to ponder just how horrific WMD in a terrorist group hands would actually be and a very possible scenario to make all of that happen. I actually went to the library for this book because I had missed the early releases for reviews but I will have my eyes open for the next book in the series.




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Target Israel by Tim LaHaye and Ed Hindson Gives Hope for Our Future

Tim LaHaye and Ed Hindson have done a great job of explaining bible prophecy in Target Israel. This book takes a look at the absolute miracle of Israel’s existence and then takes it even further to explain how Israel’s history was foretold throughout The Bible.

Tim and Ed also delve into the prophecies of Jesus’ first and second coming showing the unique differences of the two events. I enjoyed reading this book as it refreshed my memory about many of the events that are yet to be fulfilled and the real importance of spreading the gospel to those that have yet to except Christ as their Savior.

Target Israel also explains the millennial Kingdom in a way that is very easy to understand which I am thankful for because I don’t think many churches today do a lot of sermons on the subject and that is a shame because it is so interesting and gives us such hope about what is yet to come for us believers. So I would highly recommend taking the time to read Target Israel by Tim LaHaye and Ed Hindson.

This book was given to me in EBook format from NetGalley for my honest review.


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