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Redeeming Ruth, A Family Journey

Has God ever put a calling in your heart? He did for Meadow Merrill, He put a desire in her heart to help African orphans and in Redeeming Ruth, you will see the lengths she and her family will go to make this a reality.
Meadow and her husband Dana are a typical American family. They have two boys, Judah and Gabriel and one on the way, a baby girl they will name Lydia. They had put their desire of helping out African children on the back burner for a time, with Meadow even telling God that if He wants them to help, He will need to bring the child to them.familyfoto2006

Wouldn’t you know, God would answer that request? One day they learn about a baby girl, Ruth, who is in America to see if she can get treatment for her cerebral palsy. She is from Uganda, she is orphaned and currently staying in a foster care/sponsor family while she gets treatment. Meadow and Dana meet Ruth when their friend Theresa, brings Ruth to church one Sunday.

From there you will go on a journey with the Merrill family as they first begin as foster parents, to becoming adoptive parents. The journey is slow and sometimes very painful but you see how they come together as a family, with even Judah and Gabriel donating their savings towards the adoption fees.

You will also see how faithful God is when you are in His will. He moved people and obstacles to help get Ruth the family she needed. Her medical needs were draining on the family emotionally as well as financially but God always provided and the family stuck together.

The Merrill’s story is one of obedience, dedication and pure heart. I found it completely heartbreaking to know that a simple one dollar test could have prevented the development of cerebral palsy in Ruth. I’m sorry to say the story does not end in a happily ever after, and I shed many tears at thought of the heartbreak this family has had to endure but they seem hopefully and from the book you gather that they have grown as Christians, grown as a family and are better off for their experience of knowing Ruth.

I received this book from, Hendrickson Publishers for my honest review.


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Beloved Hope by Tracie Peterson

Hope Flanagan has seen complete horrors that no one should ever witness. In this novel by Tracie Peterson, Beloved Hope, you see the continuation of her new series, Heart of the Frontier. In this book the focus is on Hope and the horrific ordeal she went through in the first novel. It begins by letting you know that those responsible for the rapes and murders have been arrested and are now standing trial for their crimes.

Hope is terrified that she will need to testify against Tomahas because she has worked very hard to bury those memories by raising her sheep and developing a cliental for her hand spun yarn and now all those memories are resurfacing. Lieutenant Lance Kenner is ready to leave his military service and begin a new life back in Louisiana, however before his service is up, he is ordered to take care of the Indian prisoners during the trial to make sure that they are treated humanely.

During the trial Hope decides to take justice into her own hands and this is where she and Lance meet, in the jail cell with Hope pointing a gun at Tomahas. The story then starts with their friendship and grows into love. Tracie does a good job of growing the characters from the first novel. She also expertly handles the tension between the Indians and the new settlers very well and covers this difficult time in American history fairly.

I like the book, though there are some rough subject matters but they are covered in a very proper way with no over the top violence needed. There is a strong message of restoring faith and reconnecting to God.

This book was given to me by Netgalley for my honest opinion.


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Without Warning by Joel Rosenberg

Without Warning by Joel Rosenberg

Wow! What an ending to a series! If you have never read a book from Joel, I would highly recommend this series. When you read the story line its like Joel has actually sat in on intelligence meetings at the highest level. He completely understands what radical Islamic extremism is and what groups like ISIS ultimate goals are.

This is the third book in the J.B. Collins series and you must read the first two books (The Third Target and The First Hostage) in order to understand what is happening and keep all of the characters straight. I must say that I love the story line and all of the supporting characters. This book does have violence and death but it done in a very realistic way.

You will not believe the ending, however I began to wonder about the fifth to last chapter about how Joel was going to wrap it up and then when you realize exactly how its going to end you can not read fast enough to see if its true (I said as much as I can without spoiling it!). I highly recommend this entire series its a fictional read that seems like it came straight out of the local news.

This book was given to me in Ebook format by Netgalley for my honest review.



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If You Are a Tracie Peterson Fan, You’ll Not be Disappointed

Jessica is now a single mother due to the death of her “dandy” husband, as her late father referred to him. She has decided to move back to the family ranch where her father lived to try and open a bed and breakfast type getaway where she can help those who need rest, rejuvenation and the message of Christ.

However, when she arrives she meets Devon the man running the ranch now and finds that the farm is in financial trouble. Jessica had not expected this and with all the emotional baggage she is carrying she begins to immediately dislike Devon. Many of her emotional insecurities revolve around her father sending her away as a newborn, her husband’s lies and betrayals and her friend attempting to take her son from her.

The relationship between Jessica and Devon is a love/hate relationship at first (mostly from her side) and just when you think that Jessica is really just being nasty you see her God-fearing side where she realizes her emotional weakness, especially when it comes to her son, and begins to seek forgiveness from those around her.

Tracie Peterson does a nice job with The House on Windridge. Her characters are well developed and the storyline works well. There is a strong redemptive and healing Christian message throughout the book and I do like how the story unfolds. It’s a nice easy summertime read.

With this book, there was a bonus story written by Joyce Livingston called Lucy’s Quilt. The story is set in Kansas in 1862 and Joyce does a nice job writing a Christian romance that is a bit different format than your typical storyline. The romance begins very differently between Juliette and Stone; it begins with a proposal right out of the blue.

I like how Joyce layouts the story and develops the character and I thought it was a nice twist having the male character have the underlying secret, and I can say I never saw that twist coming. If you get a chance to read this book you should, it is well done and a quick read.

I received this book from Netgalley for my honest opinion, the publishers is Barbour Publishing.



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This Story May Humble & Quite Possibly Embarrass You

Have you ever noticed that when there is a need to spread God’s word, God Himself will choose someone and raise them to be a giant for his cause? What floors me is that he usually chooses one of the least likely persons to act on His behalf. This can definitely be said of Brother Andrew, his upbringing and his early adult life would no way indicate that he would become such an instrument of God.

Now a Top Reviewer for NetGalley

Now a Top Reviewer for NetGalley

His story is truly remarkable; he came from very humble beginnings, lived through Nazi occupation, and then joined the Dutch army as a young man. He lived his life, during his time of service, with reckless abandonment and ended up being shot in the ankle and this is when he begins to hear his calling from God. You will really enjoying his story and how dependent he was on God for his safety, his finances, clothing and even a spouse.

If you are like me you will be humbled and a bit embarrassed when you read this true story, God’s Smuggler. It was eye opening how we as Americans take for granted being able to worship how we choose and walk into any book store and openly purchase a bible without fear for our lives. This story will show you how people literally risked their lives to bring the Word of God across dangerous border crossings to the people stuck in countries with oppressive communist governments. It is truly a testament to God’s awesome power and what He can accomplish when people are willing to totally submit themselves to Him.

This book was given to me by NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.


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Cleverly told Christian Romance by Kate Breslin

Set in early 1900’s London, Not by Sight written by Kate Breslin is a very cleverly written Christian romance. Grace Mabry is a very strong-willed early women’s suffragette that is bound and determined to do everything in her power to help with the war efforts, to ultimately help her twin brother Colin return home more quickly. She begins her self-appointed task by attending a costume ball where there are known to be many men that have manipulated their way out of service to the crown.

While attending the ball she sees, in her mind, one of the worst evaders of service, Jack Benningham the future Earl of Stonebrooke. Grace has decided that if she shames enough men into service they will ultimately help win the war more quickly, therefore bringing her beloved brother home sooner. So she sets out across the dance floor and approaches Jack. Dressed as Pandora, Grace Badge 1opens a small box she is carrying and hands him the ultimate sign for cowardice, a white feather.

That evening and the consequences of her actions unfold in a well told story. There is mystery, heroism, betrayal and redemption and Kate does a really nice job of introducing supporting characters and developing them so you enjoy getting to know each of them. The interaction between characters is priceless and you really enjoy how they interact. The conclusion of the book was cleverly done and I would definitely recommend taking the time to read Kate Breslin’s, Not by Sight.

This book was given to me in EBook format by NetGalley for my honest review. The publisher of this book is Bethany House.


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Midnight on the Mississippi by Mary Ellis

I like the stories that Mary Ellis writes, her characters are well developed and her story lines seem plausible and this story is no exception. It is a well told murder mystery and you will love the characters you are suppose to love and you will “hate” the one’s that you should. My only complaint with Mary’s books is they are what I call “Christian Light.”

For example, the main character in the book, Nicki Price a newly licensed Private Investigator, has very good morals; she doesn’t drink, smoke or curse. However, she never really speaks about God and never mentions Jesus. To me Midnight on the Mississippi should be sold under a Mystery category, not a Christian category. So if you want a good mystery novel you will enjoy this book, if you want a great Christian book, this is not for you.

This book was given to me in EBook format from NetGalley for my honest opinion.


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