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Mesu Andrews’s-Miriam

Mesu Andrews’s-Miriam

This story’s main character besides the obvious, Moses is Miriam, his sister. The story begins years after the first novel, The Pharaoh’s Daughter; it starts right before Moses returns to Egypt with Miriam being a very prominent figure in the community that is often called upon for her wisdom, knowledge and advice because she is ¬†gifted by God (Yahweh) as a prophetess. However, her line of communicating directly with God is drastically starting to diminish and causing her a great deal of distress.

The story that Mesu Andrews has created is about Miriam’s relationships with God and those she loves and how the changing of her gift is affecting these relationships. It is also about Moses’ return to Egypt and the story of the plagues and the eventual release of the Jewish people. It also sets up the sequel to this book by introducing us to Joshua.

In general, I enjoyed this story, however, not quite as much as Mesu’s first novel. I never really felt a real connection with these characters as much as I did with both of Moses’ mothers (birth and step). She did do a fabulous job of accurately portraying the harness of life during this era and how the plagues would have affected all those living at the time. I look forward to the next book in the series.

This book was given to me by Blogging for Books, for my honest opinion.


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A Nicely Done WWI Christian Romance

Penny Ramsey has moved to London to help her sister Kate & her husband Jon with their very large and expanding family. While helping out, she meets Lieutenant Alexander Goodwin, an old friend of Jon. Penny & Alex hit it off very quickly and as the war progresses they become better friends while writing each other as Alex is serving as a pilot in the Royal Naval Air Service.Badge 1

The time period is during World War I and centers on the service of the family during the war and the very real fears and sacrifices that were made by all. It is a love story that begins as friends and correspondences and grows into something much more. Carrie Turansky does a really nice job of developing her characters and growing some of the secondary characters so she could easily transition into a new series with strong leading characters.

Even though I don’t consider A Refuge at Highland Hall to have a strong Christian message, the theme of Christianity is felt through the entire story: love, faith, forgiveness, service and acceptance. I thought it was a nice story and I enjoyed the book. Carrie does fill the book with lots of good characters and a realistic story line; I look forward to seeing if she continues the story with Marius and Lydia.

This book was given to me by NetGalley for my honest opinion. The publisher is WaterBrook Multnomah Books.


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Grow In Grace-Exceptional Read

Grow in Grace is the second book in Susan M.B. Preston’s Apostle John Series and it seamlessly picks up from the first book. At the end of the first book Benjamin had just found out that the girl he had hoped to marry had been promised to another, and her father had berated and humiliated him when he sought to give him an offer for his daughter’s hand in marriage. The humiliation, loss, grief and anger is far more than he can bear so he decides that he must have some time to himself to try and gain peace and understanding so he hires himself out as a grape picker.

The story picks up with the heart break of his mother knowing he is leaving. As the story unfolds you will then see how each of the characters grows in their personal relationship with God. Once Benjamin returns it is nice to see how his faith has matured and how his acceptance of God’s will begins to really take hold. I loved learning about the holidays that the early Christian celebrated and I wonder why we no longer celebrate them.

I really enjoyed this second novel, Susan does a great job of introducing new threads to the story line, developing characters that were just briefly mentioned in the first novel and tying up some of the questions that you had from the first novel. I normally stay far away from fiction written about such well know historical figures such as the Apostle John but in this series of novels, thus far, it has not felt like you had to accept things that would not seem in character.
I hope you take the time to read this series, you will learn more about the time of the Apostle John and you will get to see how the book of John may have come into shape. I can hardly wait to read book three!

This book was given to me by Susan M.B. Preston, the author of the series for my honest opinion.


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Love Can Bloom Anytime, Under Any Circumstance

Although an arranged marriage or a marriage for convenience may seem foreign for us in modern times it was very common in the centuries prior. This collection of stories in A Bride’s Agreement is about women that enter into marriage for reasons other than love. There is also a strong Christian message in most of these stories.

I would have to say that my favorite story was written by DiAnn Mills and titled Kiowa Husband. It is a story about a young girl that loses her parents on a wagon trail in 1848. The leaders of the wagon trail decide that she may not stay with the party as her parent’s illness was highly contagious and they fear she may also have the disease. However they do not want to leave her to her death so decide to leave her with an American that was raised by Kiowa Indians named Painted Hands. In this day and age it would have shown a true lack of propriety if an unmarried woman was escorted by a single man, so the leaders marry them.

Now a Top Reviewer for NetGalley

Now a Top Reviewer for NetGalley

The story continues through the trials of going west during this time period and shows how deep love can develop over time with God as their foundation. DiAnn did such a nice job of developing these characters that I was disappointed that she hadn’t written a full length stand alone book. The remaining four books-Thanks to a Lonely Heart by Elaine Bonner, A Brides’ Sweet Surprise in Sauers, Indiana by Ramona Cecil, Sonoran Secret by Nancy J Farrier and Love’s Shining Hope by Jo Ann A. Grote are all well done, if you like the collections that Barbour Publishing assembles, you will really enjoy this one, I feel these are five really well done short stories and one of their strongest collections.

This book was given to me by NetGalley for my honest opinion. The publisher is Barbour Publishing.


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Recipes & Romance How Could you Miss?

The American Dream Romance Collections is a collection of historical Christian stories from nine different authors combined into one book. The first four stories are written by different authors but each story builds on the other using different main characters and completely different authors. I really enjoyed these first books and thought Carla Olson Gade hit it out of the park with Carving A Future, giving the next three authors a great foundation to further their stories.

I enjoyed most of the books except one really and that was more out of historical inaccuracies than the actual story. New Garden’s Hope by Jennifer Hudson Taylor has a few historical facts wrong and for me that type of mistake should not happen when you are a historical fiction writer. It would do Jennifer a great deal of good to study our Republic and know how we actually elect a president, the majority does not rule.

Now a Top Reviewer for NetGalley

Now a Top Reviewer for NetGalley

As with each of the collections that Barbour Publishing puts together, you will enjoy these stories but my advice is to always read each story and then take a break before reading the next one, you will enjoy them more. You will get good wholesome romantic stories told from a Christian perspective and from the time period of the late 1700’s and the early 1800’s and a few recipes that you may enjoy; I personally will be trying both the Muster Gingerbread and the Apple Fritters a la Bavarre.

This book was given to me by NetGalley for Barbour Publishing for my honest review.


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A New Twist on Christopher Columbus, End Time Prophecy and the Anti-Christ

Mix a little new testament prophecy, some Jewish Kabbalah,a few little known facts and some speculation about Christopher Columbus and what do you get? A very well written and intriguing story by Mike Evans called The Columbus Code. The main characters in this book are Winters, a Secret Service agent currently on a medical leave and his daughter Maria Winters, a corporate attorney. They are by no means close, but they are not hateful toward each other either but they have several issues to work through and you see that happen during the story.

The story really gets started after the funeral of Winter’s mother when he finds a request from her to further the genealogy of their family, as she believes that they are direct descendants of Christopher Columbus. This leads him on a quest half way around the world where he finds himself in the middle of ancient prophecies that expose him and his daughter to real danger and true evil.First look

I enjoyed how Mike was able to develop this story in modern times, using today’s issues and make it plausible. I realized about three-quarters of the way through that this was going to be the first book in a series. I am really glad because he developed the characters and the story line so well I would have hated to see it rushed to a conclusion. I am very interested to see how he moves forward with a few of the characters like Sophia, she seems a bit too well connected to be only a genealogist and then there is Tejada is he the anti-christ and maybe looking for a way out?

I was given this book in EBook format for my honest opinion by the publisher Worthy Publishing.


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Luther and Katharina Will Come to Life for You

Capturing the personalities of well known historical figure is not an easy task, however Jody Hedlund does a fantastic job in her new book Luther and Katharina. This historical Christian novel tells the story of both Katharina and Luther and the relationship that develops between the two of them that is base in common faith, respect and grows into love.

The way that Jody incorporates what we already know about Luther and Katharina from historical accounts and what she adds to further the story is expertly done. The writing stays true to the time period and the few characters that are created to enhance the story actually do, they help you really appreciate the complicated relationship these two shared. I love the fact there several of the well known quotes from Luther are used throughout the story.blogging for books

In Luther and Katharina you will get a well written fictional novel that just furthers your understanding of this time period of the church and how the restoration of the faith was hard fought with many of persons losing their lives. You will understand the constant strain that both Luther and Katharina struggled with daily and their utter dependence on God for both their livelihoods and their safety. You will enjoy what truly is a love story.

I received this book from Blogging For Books in exchange of my honest opinion.


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