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Make an Impact for Eternity

I have read several books about D.L. Moody but I had never actually read anything that he and preached or written. I really enjoyed, A Life for Christ, it is a really simple book about what a Christian living a Jesus filled life should look like. It’s not preachy or condescending it just shows you how you can make a difference for the kingdom of God, how you can impact lives around you.

When you read his words you see a true love for God and for the lost who need salvation. He shows you how a simple kindness done with the love of Christ as your motivation can change the eternal destiny of not just the person you touched but by those they will go on to meet. All you need to do is what you can do; you don’t need to fill stadiums to make a difference.

I also found it interesting that many during this time period didn’t feel the need to make sure their children were saved, that they would somehow choose to come to Christ when they were grown. What a terrible waste. When you read this book you come away feeling as though even the simplest things you do, when done with the backing of love, can make all the difference in someone’s life.

This book was given to me by Aneko Press for my honest opinion.


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Remember and Return Is A Great Description of This Devotional

Remember and Return is a 31 day daily devotional written by John MacArthur for the purpose of reminding Christians of their first love, Jesus Christ. I found this devotional to be very biblically sound and very informative. Pastor MacArthur does a very good job of explaining scripture and at the end of each teaching session he offers you a daily challenge.


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I think this devotional is a great tool in helping you understand and appreciate the relationship God has set up for us, to be he’s children and Christ’s joint heir. I was however a bit surprised by some of the weighty and complex topics that he chooses to discuss in such a short matter, such as predestination. I think this type of subject needs much more discussion as there are many differing teachings on these types of subjects.

All in all, I think it is a good devotional; it is geared for the Christian that has been a believer for awhile and needs a refresher of God’s love and it delves quite deeply into the subject. I think new Christians can learn a lot but some of it may be a little difficult to understand and fully comprehend.

I was given this book in EBook format by NetGalley for my honest opinion.


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Gathering Courage is a Great Testimony

T.A. McMullin is an ordinary person that has lived an extraordinary life because from an early age she learned to “trust God with all her heart,” and “lean not on her own understanding.” This autobiography of her life takes you from birth to present day. Her life started out as being put up for adoption by her birth mother and adopted into a family that ended up treating her more as an outsider than a family member, except for her Grandmother. When the rest of her family treated her with indifference at best and cruelly at worse, her grandmother taught her about love, acceptance and more importantly a strong relationship with God with Jesus as her Savior.

When you read this book you see that because she was faithful to God, God was always faithful to her. During the hardest times in her life, you can see where God sent her a friend that said or did exactly what she needed at that time. Believe me; she had some very rough times in life. In her youth, she was actually sent away to a foster family because at the time little was known about dyslexia and she was labeled as “slow” and an embarrassment to her family because she could not keep up in school. Can you even imagine?

By trusting in God she was able to put herself through college, make life long great friends and excels in life where others may have used their circumstances to muddle through life. I really enjoyed reading this life story; to see how God is faithful when we truly trust him is so encouraging. I must tell you that I had to reread chapter 23 (no spoilers) because I couldn’t see all the words through the tears.

This book will uplift and encourage you in your own personal relationship with God. It is beautiful designed and put together. I am incorporating one of her worship habits; I am making it a point to be thankful for three things per day and letting God know just how thankful I am.

This book was given to me by the author, T.A. McMullin for my honest opinion and review.


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Could “Positive Thinking” be Harmful?

Ever wonder how the message of “positive thinking” crept into the church and its teachings? Did you know that this message has its roots in the occult and mystical cultures? I really had never considered the topic of positive thinking being harmful or how it could permeate a culture and doctrine.

L.L. Martin has taken a look back through history to see how this once thriving movement infiltrated the church and the ramifications. This book is well done, the history lesson you will receive is very interesting, well-sourced and done so you don’t snooze while reading in.

Each chapter has some discussion questions so you could do this as a group study or just use them for yourself to really ponder what is being said. You will learn in this book that there is a thin line between being a positive person and adhering to the “positive thinking” doctrine.

I love the fact that the book uses scripture to help make the point, along with quotes from many of my favorite Christians such as A.W. Tozer, C.S. Lewis, Randy Alcorn and Dietrich Bonheoffer to name a few. I would recommend this book, it lays out the history and the perils of the “positive thinking” movement.

This book was given to me by L.L Martin for my honest opinion.


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Are You, One of the Few?

Coming to know Christ as your personal savior is a journey that is different for each of us; in One of the Few by Jason B. Ladd, you learn how he came to know Christ. It begins when he realizes that he does not really understand Christians and their worldview even having married a Christian. He begins to honestly look at and try to decide what he actually believes.

The book walks you through his journey where he looks at what Christians believe, studies and learns about the lies spoken about Christianity. Throughout the book, he does a good job of incorporating his spiritual journey along with his service as a Marine fighter pilot. He also, using scriptures, tells you how he comes to the truth about Christ, salvation, judgment and sin.

I think everyone would enjoy the story told by Jason you may learn a thing or two or perhaps just validate what you already believe. The book is well done with a great message, done humbly and honestly. I also believe if you have a young man, 14-24 years old, this book would be a great way to encourage them to start their own journey in seeking and find the truth about our need for a savior, Jesus Christ.

This book was given to me by the author, Jason B. Ladd for my honest opinion.


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A Simple, Yet Profound Explanation of Who The Holy Spirit Is

It is my honest belief that A.W. Tozer is quite possibly one of the best Christian teachers of all times. When you read the sermons collected in his book, How to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit, you will wish that you could have sat in his congregation to hear the original teaching.

A W Tozer

A W Tozer

Tozer explains the Holy Spirit and who He is in a very simplistic yet profound way. For example, there is one saying of his that will stick with me so I can explain Him to others. “God took religion from the realm of the external and made it internal.” That statement is so simple yet when you ponder it; you see just how life changing it is. Tozer is saying that once the Holy Spirit was sent, God’s word was sent straight to your soul.

This is the third book I have reviewed from A.W. Tozer and even though they look like you should be able to read them in less than two hours, they take me weeks. They are a process and they are truly a teaching format. You will learn the simple truth about God and it will change the depth of your understanding of who God is.


This book was given to me by Moody Publishers for my honest opinion.


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A Great Source to Help You Defend Your Beliefs

Man, Myth, Messiah is a great book that teaches you how to defend your faith and rebut any of the relentlessly quoted cliches from those who don’t believe that Jesus Christ is exactly who he says he is, our personal savior sent by God to die for our sins.

This book lays out proof that why we believe in Christ and why we believe scripture is not only true but it can be historically document, really beyond reproach. The book is sort of laid out like an essay for each point that the author, Rice Broocks is making.


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I think that using the minimal facts approach is a great way to keep emotions out of your defense for your position that Jesus Christ is in fact the Messiah. It is a way to present just the facts that can stand the typical scrutiny give by those that say that Jesus is more a myth built on legends.

It was surprising to me that there are many sources that corroborate what we as Christians believe. I like all of the sources that you can use to demonstrate the Gospels of the New Testament can be historically proven by secular historians that lived during these times.

I would encourage all of my followers to read the book, you will be given a great new way of defending your faith through the same proof and arguments that the so-called secularist use to say that Jesus Christ is not who he claimed he was, the Son of God.

This book was given to me by NetGalley for my honest opinion.


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