A Cute Romance

The reverend Rufus Dille has been hired to become the new pastor in Fairland, Kansas, He and Grace Cristler have been corresponding for the past several months as he has prepared to make the journey west. Their relationship has grown over the past few months and Grace can hardly wait, she and the whole rest of the town are sure there will be a quick marriage.

However, on the way to Fairland Rufus becomes ill, and happens to cross the path Theophil (Theo) Garrison who is running for his life from his family that is seeking revenge for having them incarcerated. Unfortunately, Rufus dies from his illness and in a series of coincidences and assumptions ends up taking the identity of the deceased pastor. Needless to say Theo’s way of preaching is no where near what the residence of Fairland had expected.

What transpires is a cute love story that has a strong message of grace, mercy and forgiveness. This book is an easy read and is different from other plots that you normal see with a Christian romance. The characters are well developed and you will like those you should and the few that should irritate you will.

This book was given to me by Blogging for Books for my honest opinion.

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The Chamberlain Key

I have to say I was not really sure what to think when I first began the book. I found it very similar to other “bible code” books. I think it is a very interesting concept but I wonder since it has not been used as a prediction method, only as a confirming method if some don’t reach a bit too far to make the connections. That being said, I gave it three stars because I enjoyed learning about the process and I like Timothy Smith’s personal story of faith.

I was given this book by Waterbrook Press for my honest opinion.


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Without Warning by Joel Rosenberg

Without Warning by Joel Rosenberg

Wow! What an ending to a series! If you have never read a book from Joel, I would highly recommend this series. When you read the story line its like Joel has actually sat in on intelligence meetings at the highest level. He completely understands what radical Islamic extremism is and what groups like ISIS ultimate goals are.

This is the third book in the J.B. Collins series and you must read the first two books (The Third Target and The First Hostage) in order to understand what is happening and keep all of the characters straight. I must say that I love the story line and all of the supporting characters. This book does have violence and death but it done in a very realistic way.

You will not believe the ending, however I began to wonder about the fifth to last chapter about how Joel was going to wrap it up and then when you realize exactly how its going to end you can not read fast enough to see if its true (I said as much as I can without spoiling it!). I highly recommend this entire series its a fictional read that seems like it came straight out of the local news.

This book was given to me in Ebook format by Netgalley for my honest review.



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Back and Ready to Review!

I just wanted to let all of my followers know that I am now back and ready to review. I thought that I would just take a small break but I found myself completely burned out and what started as a little down time turned into a full break.

I want to apologize to a few authors whose books are currently waiting for a review. I am sorry for the delay. I have several books that I have just finished and will be posting the reviews this weekend, they include Joel Rosenberg’s Without Warning and The Chamberlain Key by Timothy Smith. You can also look forward to my review of Cynthia Ulmer’s third book in her series, The Cedar Chronicles (can’t wait)!

So, thank you for your patience!

May he bless and keep you-



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Alternating Perspectives of the Same Tragedy, If Only by T.K. Chapin

If Only, by author T.K. Chapin, is a well written story about a family torn apart by a very ugly divorce and the aftermath that follows. This book is written from both the mother’s, Elizabeth and her daughter Lilly’s point of view, with each chapter alternating view points. There are some very tough subjects covered in this book including kidnapping and teenage pregnancy.

However, they are handled well and done with a message of hope and forgiveness.
As with all of the books written by T.K. the characters are well developed and with this one, I never saw the ending coming. My only disappointment was that the book wrapped up very quickly after such good development of the storyline. The book is an easy read and has a strong Christian message throughout.

This book was given to me through the Kindle Scout program by Amazon for my honest opinion.


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Treasured Grace By Tracie Peterson

Treasured Grace is the newest novel by Tracie Peterson and is set in the 1840’s when Americans were moving and settling out west. This novel is a little different from many of Tracie’s previous work, there is still a strong message of faith but this story has more violence and takes on a very tough part of our American history.

With that being said, the violence is not overly graphic but along with touching on the trouble between settling Americans and the local Indian tribes, there is also the fact that many of the women in this story are sexually assaulted and raped. As with any of Tracie’s novels, this one has characters that are very well developed and there is a strong story line.

The main character, Grace is a young women moving west with her new missionary husband. This marriage was a marriage of mutual convenience, not a marriage of love. However, on the trip west he comes down with cholera and does not survive.

Grace has been trained by her mother and grandmother in the art of midwifery and the use of natural herbal healing remedies, she is able to use these remedies to help both the locals at the missionary and some of the surrounding local Indians as she and her sisters wait to travel to meet her Uncle. During her stay she meets a trapper, Alex and slowly a romantic relationship begins.

I enjoyed the story even though it tackled a lot of very tough subject matters but it was done using faith and with a Christian message.

This book was given to be by Netgalley for my honest opinion.


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Culture by A.W. Tozer

Culture is a collection of A.W. Tozer’s writings that specifically deal with Christians living in a fallen world. This is the fifth book that I have had the privilege to review which is from writings and or sermons of Tozer’s and I would urge any Christian from any type of denomination to take the time and read his insights. You will always learn from his teachings.

This book in particular is a great insight into the church and where she was going wrong, even back during Tozer’s ministry. The church was watering down the Word of God, trying to fit in more and make more people want to come to church. This has been a mistake that we have yet to fully recover from. Many believed that the pageantry was more important than the substance people saw and felt in Church.

I cannot even imagine what A.W. Tozer would think of our current situation and state of many churches in our country, he saw the warning signs during his life time and I think he would be stunned at the demise of our culture. This is such a great read, it is informative and will show you how we, as a society have been in a decline for a long time.

I was given this book by Moody Publishers for my honest opinion and review.


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