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Culture by A.W. Tozer

Culture is a collection of A.W. Tozer’s writings that specifically deal with Christians living in a fallen world. This is the fifth book that I have had the privilege to review which is from writings and or sermons of Tozer’s and I would urge any Christian from any type of denomination to take the time and read his insights. You will always learn from his teachings.

This book in particular is a great insight into the church and where she was going wrong, even back during Tozer’s ministry. The church was watering down the Word of God, trying to fit in more and make more people want to come to church. This has been a mistake that we have yet to fully recover from. Many believed that the pageantry was more important than the substance people saw and felt in Church.

I cannot even imagine what A.W. Tozer would think of our current situation and state of many churches in our country, he saw the warning signs during his life time and I think he would be stunned at the demise of our culture. This is such a great read, it is informative and will show you how we, as a society have been in a decline for a long time.

I was given this book by Moody Publishers for my honest opinion and review.


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A Simple, Yet Profound Explanation of Who The Holy Spirit Is

It is my honest belief that A.W. Tozer is quite possibly one of the best Christian teachers of all times. When you read the sermons collected in his book, How to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit, you will wish that you could have sat in his congregation to hear the original teaching.

A W Tozer

A W Tozer

Tozer explains the Holy Spirit and who He is in a very simplistic yet profound way. For example, there is one saying of his that will stick with me so I can explain Him to others. “God took religion from the realm of the external and made it internal.” That statement is so simple yet when you ponder it; you see just how life changing it is. Tozer is saying that once the Holy Spirit was sent, God’s word was sent straight to your soul.

This is the third book I have reviewed from A.W. Tozer and even though they look like you should be able to read them in less than two hours, they take me weeks. They are a process and they are truly a teaching format. You will learn the simple truth about God and it will change the depth of your understanding of who God is.


This book was given to me by Moody Publishers for my honest opinion.


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Delighting in God by A.W. Tozer is A Great Read

I love reading A.W. Tozer, his books are such a growing experience that I would highly recommend every Christian take the time and read at least one of his books. The latest book title Delighting in God is a bit different than your usual Tozer book; this book is compiled and edited by James L. Snyder. What James has done is take sermons give by Tozer and organize them in a way that actually makes sense and conveys the attributes of God that A.W. Tozer always felt necessary for believers to really understand.

I enjoyed how James L. Snyder found hymns that were relevant to each sermon and incorporated them at the end of each chapter. The only thing that I did not enjoy about the book was the feeling that James edited the wording a bit too much and in some parts, especially the first and second chapters. I felt like the editing lost the natural cadence of A.W. Tozer’s writings and dumbed down some of the words he normally uses. However, I still highly recommend the book

I was given this book from NetGalley for my honest opinion.


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