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Make an Impact for Eternity

I have read several books about D.L. Moody but I had never actually read anything that he and preached or written. I really enjoyed, A Life for Christ, it is a really simple book about what a Christian living a Jesus filled life should look like. It’s not preachy or condescending it just shows you how you can make a difference for the kingdom of God, how you can impact lives around you.

When you read his words you see a true love for God and for the lost who need salvation. He shows you how a simple kindness done with the love of Christ as your motivation can change the eternal destiny of not just the person you touched but by those they will go on to meet. All you need to do is what you can do; you don’t need to fill stadiums to make a difference.

I also found it interesting that many during this time period didn’t feel the need to make sure their children were saved, that they would somehow choose to come to Christ when they were grown. What a terrible waste. When you read this book you come away feeling as though even the simplest things you do, when done with the backing of love, can make all the difference in someone’s life.

This book was given to me by Aneko Press for my honest opinion.


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A Bit of A Stretch For Me

There is no doubt in my mind that Russell M. Stendal loves the Lord with all of his being, in fact reading the introduction & conclusion were my favorite parts of the book as he told parts of his life story. He has face dangers that were literally life threatening and even today faces persecution.

However, Queen Esther and the Ring of Power fell flat for me. I found the idea and concept of the book very fascinating but it was a real stretch for me in many places. The book takes the book of Esther one chapter and verse at a time and then compares them to end time prophecies throughout the Bible.

Author Russell M Stendal

Author Russell M Stendal

Though there is a lot of very interesting comparisons that you may not have considered, I found myself also thinking, huh I have never heard my Pastor make that analogy so I felt that many of the points were a stretch and felt forced to fit. I did like the tone and the writing style I’m just not sure that there was a strong prophetic connection for me.

This books was given to me Aneko Press for me to review and give my honest opinion about.


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