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The Chamberlain Key

I have to say I was not really sure what to think when I first began the book. I found it very similar to other “bible code” books. I think it is a very interesting concept but I wonder since it has not been used as a prediction method, only as a confirming method if some don’t reach a bit too far to make the connections. That being said, I gave it three stars because I enjoyed learning about the process and I like Timothy Smith’s personal story of faith.

I was given this book by Waterbrook Press for my honest opinion.


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Culture by A.W. Tozer

Culture is a collection of A.W. Tozer’s writings that specifically deal with Christians living in a fallen world. This is the fifth book that I have had the privilege to review which is from writings and or sermons of Tozer’s and I would urge any Christian from any type of denomination to take the time and read his insights. You will always learn from his teachings.

This book in particular is a great insight into the church and where she was going wrong, even back during Tozer’s ministry. The church was watering down the Word of God, trying to fit in more and make more people want to come to church. This has been a mistake that we have yet to fully recover from. Many believed that the pageantry was more important than the substance people saw and felt in Church.

I cannot even imagine what A.W. Tozer would think of our current situation and state of many churches in our country, he saw the warning signs during his life time and I think he would be stunned at the demise of our culture. This is such a great read, it is informative and will show you how we, as a society have been in a decline for a long time.

I was given this book by Moody Publishers for my honest opinion and review.


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Remember and Return Is A Great Description of This Devotional

Remember and Return is a 31 day daily devotional written by John MacArthur for the purpose of reminding Christians of their first love, Jesus Christ. I found this devotional to be very biblically sound and very informative. Pastor MacArthur does a very good job of explaining scripture and at the end of each teaching session he offers you a daily challenge.


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I think this devotional is a great tool in helping you understand and appreciate the relationship God has set up for us, to be he’s children and Christ’s joint heir. I was however a bit surprised by some of the weighty and complex topics that he chooses to discuss in such a short matter, such as predestination. I think this type of subject needs much more discussion as there are many differing teachings on these types of subjects.

All in all, I think it is a good devotional; it is geared for the Christian that has been a believer for awhile and needs a refresher of God’s love and it delves quite deeply into the subject. I think new Christians can learn a lot but some of it may be a little difficult to understand and fully comprehend.

I was given this book in EBook format by NetGalley for my honest opinion.


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The Pattern Artist is an American Dream Story

If you were born in England in the early 1900’s your station in life was already predetermined. However, Annie Wood has it in her mind that she can raise to the level of lady’s maid from her current position of house maid. Annie is a very talented seamstress and is sure that with this talent it will propel her upward in statue. However, shortly after arriving in America she meets two friends that have decided that they will no longer be trapped in the social standings of the Old World, they are in America now and they intend on making their own American dreams come true.

Annie is devastated when she learns that the current lady’s maids are taking credit for sewing talent there by ending her hope of ever rising from her current position and she decides she is ready to leave with her new friends and when a nasty exchange between her and the foot man, Grasston, escalates they decide to make their escape immediately.  

This story follows Annie’s journey as she begins working at Macy’s and then finds her way to Butterick designing clothing patterns. Here she catches the attention of Mrs. Sampson who wants Annie to go into business with her and create their own line of clothing. Then there is the relationship with Sean, will she decided to marry?

This is a nicely done story; there is a good Christian theme and true historical details woven into the story line. My only critique of the story is there were times when Annie could get on my nerves however; this always seemed to be a growing experience in her faith.

This book was given to me in EBook format from NetGalley for my honest review.


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Great Teaching Tool for Children


Sometimes dealing with children and how they react to their feelings can be a bit difficult. This book is a good tool that can help you talk to your kids about a whole range of feelings without it feeling like they are being taught, or lectured to. It is written so you could read through the whole book in one sitting or you can do one chapter/feeling at a time.

The book is nicely illustrated and I really like the fact that Corine has found very easy to memorize bible verses to correspond with each emotion. At the back of the book she has compiled all of the memory verse so they can be done as a family activity.

This is a well thought out book for children and it is biblically based. Teaching Christ’s Children about Godly Feelings written by Corine Williams and illustrated by Almar Denso is a great tool to open a conversation about feelings and about God.

This book was given to me by the author Corine Williams for my honest review.



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Bespoke Just To Short

Aria St. John is a musical prodigy and her father, Giovanni, a world renowned composer are returning to their home estate after a ten year absent because her father’s health is failing. James Shaw, Aria’s best childhood friend sees them return and this bring backs a lot of painful memories about the horrible accident that left Aria no longer able to play any of her musical instruments. The healing and coming to terms with the past begins when Aria approaches James, a metalworker, to help her with a project for her dying father.

The story evolves and you find out exactly how Aria lost most of the ability and motion of her hands and why her father has such contempt for James. Healing beings as each of them face their own roles in the accident and seek forgiveness and understanding from each other. This is a super short story and will only take about two hours to read and though I am normally a big fan of Amanda Dykes I thought this book was just okay.

There are several rough transitions in the book and I never really got the symbolism of the brass bicycle. I also found myself wondering if she could steer and ride such a heavy bicycle then why is it not possible for her to play any type of musical instruments? I have a feeling if the books had been just a little longer and the characters developed a bit more I may have had a high opinion of the book.



This book was give to me by NetGalley for my honest opinion.


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