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Not My Favorite Lauraine Snelling Novel

The Promise of Dawn is the first book in the new series Under Northern Skies by Lauraine Snelling. It starts back in Norway with Gunlaud Strand Carlson. You may remember her from the Red River of the North series, she was Ingeborg’s cousin. A letter is delivered to the Carlson’s home asking one of Gunlaud’s sons, Rune if he would like the opportunity to come to America and help with a logging endeavor. Einar and Gerd Strand (another of Gunglaud’s cousins) will pay the passage for Rune, his wife and three sons.

The passage to America is especially hard for Rune’s wife, Signe as she is pregnant and her mother was adamantly opposed to them migrating to America. Once they arrive to Blackduck, Minnesota life becomes very rough to the Carlson’s. Gert is very sick and bed ridden and both she and Einar are very hateful, rude and downright ungrateful for anything this family attempts to do for them.

The plot of the story brings these families closer but not really close, I can honestly say that this is my least favorite Lauraine Snelling novel. Usually when Lauraine begins a new series the characters are well developed, you get to really know them and what makes them tick. I did not get that in this series, Einar is just a horrible man and there is no explanation as to why he might be this way and he has zero redemptive qualities.

Rune and Signe take way more verbal abuse than anyone should ever tolerate, even after they have worked off their passage. There is a Christian message, however not as prominent as they usually are in Lauraine’s novels. So for me, I can only give this book three stars and I won’t be looking or anticipating then next book in this series.

I was given this book by NetGalley for my honest opinion.


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