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The Chamberlain Key

I have to say I was not really sure what to think when I first began the book. I found it very similar to other “bible code” books. I think it is a very interesting concept but I wonder since it has not been used as a prediction method, only as a confirming method if some don’t reach a bit too far to make the connections. That being said, I gave it three stars because I enjoyed learning about the process and I like Timothy Smith’s personal story of faith.

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Mesu Andrews’s-Miriam

Mesu Andrews’s-Miriam

This story’s main character besides the obvious, Moses is Miriam, his sister. The story begins years after the first novel, The Pharaoh’s Daughter; it starts right before Moses returns to Egypt with Miriam being a very prominent figure in the community that is often called upon for her wisdom, knowledge and advice because she is  gifted by God (Yahweh) as a prophetess. However, her line of communicating directly with God is drastically starting to diminish and causing her a great deal of distress.

The story that Mesu Andrews has created is about Miriam’s relationships with God and those she loves and how the changing of her gift is affecting these relationships. It is also about Moses’ return to Egypt and the story of the plagues and the eventual release of the Jewish people. It also sets up the sequel to this book by introducing us to Joshua.

In general, I enjoyed this story, however, not quite as much as Mesu’s first novel. I never really felt a real connection with these characters as much as I did with both of Moses’ mothers (birth and step). She did do a fabulous job of accurately portraying the harness of life during this era and how the plagues would have affected all those living at the time. I look forward to the next book in the series.

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